Friday: Send 2 weeks before:

Copy & send to all the hosts you have two weeks from now. 

Send a direct message to your hosts who's party starts 2 weeks from now. This is to give them a starting task to start some excitement, and to make sure you're confirming their upcoming party. Wording here:

Hey [HOST], This is [YOUR NAME], your Pampered Chef Consultant!

This message is to confirm that your party will start 2 weeks from now! I’ll send you a message when I have your party set up on Facebook! Here is the Catalog to start making your wishlist!

➡️ Here is what you should do now to post a teaser- Post this on your Social Media Platforms now!:

Send separately

Who has Pampered Chef items in their house? What do you love? Looking for recommendations!

➡️ After your friends comment, send them this private message:

I am so excited you love Pampered Chef! Would you like to join my virtual Pampered Chef party that will be starting in about 2 weeks? (:

Message me and let me know where you shared this so I can comment on it too 😉

Can you send me a 👍 to confirm our party? 

Friday: Send 1 weeks before:

Copy & send to all the hosts you have 1 week from now. Add a "Ready to Party" themed gif after the text. Download the "Create Your Wins" photo and send the picture too!  

Good Morning! I can't wait to get your party started!! I’ll send you a message when I set up the FB group so you can invite all your friends! Give me a 👍 if you are excited to party! 

Also, I have an idea to run by you before we get started! What do you think about turning your party into a launch party? You pick out any of the new consultant kits and I’ll still do all the same posts but you will get ALL the host rewards AND the commission! 🤩 What do you think? 


Sunday Pre-Party (5 days before party starts)

Important: When the text is GREEN , send separately so host can easily copy and paste.

This is a good day to: Do a video/voice clip or phone call with the host to explain what to expect in the party.

If you did not update your template with the monthly guest and host special, post it in the party today as a reminder.

Copy and Paste the message below to the host so they can post their shopping link on their personal wall. 

Where it says [link] in the text below, make sure to add the shopping link from Consultant's Corner (see picture)

Good morning! I’m so excited for your party! I’ll invite you to your FB group tomorrow, but I wanted to send your party link so you can get some outside orders BEFORE your party starts! The link is active now, and friends & family can start getting their orders in. Let's post this on your FB wall to let your friends know about your party and share your link. 

Here's what to post on your wall: 

I’m hosting a virtual Pampered Chef party to update my kitchen! Woohoo! I love the products, and I thought you would too. They also make great gifts 🛍️! Orders placed now will get in a special early bird drawing🎁. Who wants to take a look? Here is my link to join the party or view the catalog: [link]

Monday Pre-Party (4 days before party starts)

Send the message below to the host so they can start inviting their guests. 

Where it says [insert fb party group link] in the text below, add the URL link that's at the top of the FB group. 

Download the "How to Invite Picture" and send to host as well. 

How to copy fb group link via Computer 

How to copy fb group link via Phone 

Your party is all set up and ready for you to invite ALL your Facebook friends (250+). Inviting everyone on your Facebook friends list may seem like a lot, but it’ll pay off. Trust me! You never know who you might end up reconnecting with! 

Literally click the INVITE BUTTON until FB blocks you from inviting more for 24 hours! Plus, you never know who you might end up reconnecting with! The goal is about 50 people IN the group! 

Take a look at the graphic below. Super easy Instructions on how to send out the invites through your phone. Please send me a quick message as soon as you’ve completed this step & tell me approximately how many you INVITED! Yay! Can’t wait to party with you! 

Here's the link to your party group. Please click on the picture to join and send me a 👍 when you joined so I can approve your request! [insert fb party group link]

Tuesday Pre-Party  - (3 days before party starts)

If you don't have more multiple hosts this week,  change the text below to reference one person and not multiple.  Creating a group chat for weekly host coaching will save you time and makes the process easier overall. 

Create a Group Private Message on Messenger. Change the name of the Group Chat to "Host Chat -  [date]!" (Host Chat - Jun 7 ) - that way when you type HOST, all your chats will come up.

Copy and Paste the text and picture below into the Group Message or to host directly.

How to create Group Chat on FB Messenger via computer: 

How to create Group Chat on FB Messenger on phone: 

Thank you for booking a party with me! I truly appreciate your business and support and can't wait to spoil you with a FREE Shopping Spree! It’s easier for me to put you in one message so I can send the tips daily to you all at the same time. 

Your party is set up! Continue inviting all your guests and check in daily during the party. You’ll get daily tips and reminders from me, so don’t worry, be happy 😂 Feel free to message me if you have any questions! 

Here is my guide to a $1000 Party! Give me a thumbs up if you are wanting $215 in FREE Products?

Wednesday Pre-Party 4a* -  (2 days before party starts)

Send this message privately to each host with the individual shopping link attached.  

Good Morning! I'd love to help you get a head start by getting some outside orders in BEFORE your party starts! A great way to do that is by sending a message to friends NOT on FB or who might not be as active on FB. 

Are you up for a Challenge? I'm challenging you to get at least 5 orders before the party starts! Here is a sample message to send out. Give me a 👍 when you have sent at least 10-15 texts to friends on your phone! 

When you hit $200 by your party day, I will add a gift🎁 to your host cart!

Here's the message for you to send out: 

I’m having a virtual Pampered Chef Party! I love the products, and I thought you might too. They also make great gifts🎁. My consultant has challenged me to get 5 orders. I hope you will consider helping me out! PS. Feel free to share this link with all your friends who love to cook or eat😁! 

Here is my link for you to browse or join the party: [Insert party Link]

Wednesday Pre-Party 4b* -  (2 days before party starts)

Send the text and photo below to the host group chat! 

Hello, my wonderful hosts!! We kick off your parties on Friday! However, it’s easier for me to put you all in one group message so I can send daily tips at the same time. These little tips will make your party more successful, so please follow along! The most engaged Host typically gets the most free stuff! 

☝️Don’t forget to invite everyone! You never know who is needing something in their kitchen or maybe to get a few new recipes to try!

Don’t worry about not being up to 50 yet...there’s still plenty of time before the Party starts to invite, share and tag!

➡️Let’s get you in your host dashboard today. This is where you can see your rewards adding up one order at a time and who ordered so you can thank them

📌Can you log in or create an account today so you are ready to roll come Monday? Be sure to use the same email as I am using on the party to sign in.

📌You will also complete your hostess order and this Video will show you how to navigate your host dashboard.


Let’s do a trial post. Does everyone know how to copy & paste? On your phone, press & hold on the words I send in the next message, and you will be able to 'copy or see more', then copy. On the photo, press down and Save to your camera roll/device. Then go to your FB profile to post these words & photo: 


 Hey friends it’s almost time to PARTY!!!🎉 My Virtual Pampered Chef Party starts on Friday !! Want an invite?  

Thursday Pre-Party -  (1 day before party starts)

Send the text and photo below to the host group chat! 

🎉 Whoo hoo the party starts tomorrow 🎉 

👉 #1 Introduce yourself in the Party group If you haven’t already 

👉 #2 Check into your party at least once today to comment & engage with your guests! Reply to their comments and/or tag them in games or posts they might like! 

👉 #3 Let me know what your goal is! Remember to reach out to friends and family that are not on FB! Check out this chart to see how many orders you need to reach your goal :) 

📌 Start adding your MUST HAVES in your cart through your dashboard today. We are in LIVE inventory, and I would hate for you not to get what you want because it's unavailable when you are ready to order. If you need help, please let me know 😊

PLUS if you are not at 50 members yet, keep inviting, sending personal invites and post on social media! 

What to send when Host is having trouble inviting

If a host has trouble inviting using the invite button: 

If you can no longer invite using the Invite button, we will want to get the word out through Messenger. 

Here is a video showing you how to do so.

You will press down on the message I send next and when a box pops up, you will click “forward”.

Then you will click “send” by each of your friends’ names.

 If FB tells you to slow down, then give it a couple of hours and start again. It’s easy and sends it to them individually, not in a group. 

I would also like you to copy/paste that same message and post it to your personal FB wall to really get the word out! ***IT’S IMPORTANT TO ONLY SEND TO 20-30 @ A TIME, WAIT A FEW MINUTES AND SEND TO 20-30 MORE, BUT PLEASE SEND TO ALL FRIENDS!!!

Have Host Copy/Paste this message out to friends: 

Hey! I'm hosting a Pampered Chef Party! It’s ALL ONLINE starting [day of week] for 5 days right here on FB!! There will be games, recipes, tips, and even giveaways!! CAN I COUNT ON YOU to join now? Request to join here: [FB Group Link]

What to send when Host has not invited guests

If a host hasn't invited yet - send this message individually to them!

Hey [host], I noticed you haven't started inviting yet. Party officially starts [party date], and it's very important that you get your invitations out ASAP so your friends have time to accept and join before the party starts. Think you can start inviting today? Or do you have any questions I can help you with?

What to send when the host is Non Responsive

Text the host this message if you have their cell number.  

Hi Host!! I’ve sent you several messages on Facebook and haven't received a response from you, so I wanted to check in and see if you need any extra help with your party? Please let me know what I can do to help, it’s not too late to get started!! Can you check your messages today?