Facebook Virtual Parties

The entire system for how to run successful Facebook Pampered Chef Parties

Download "Google Calendar" on your Computer then your Phone. You will get a daily view with all the tasks that need to be done for your parties. Click this button to "sync" the Bullet Train Calendar


👈EXAMPLE of Daily VIEW once you sync the calendar

In the drop-down menu under "Virtual Parties" on this website, you'll find each host coaching step, along with consultant's daily to do tasks for 

Pre-Party, During Party and Ending the party.

Follow the Google Calendar Daily to show you what to do each day for your Virtual Parties! 

Sync it to your Google Calendar. 

You can download a Google Calendar Widget to your phone or just access it daily here via phone or computer 

If you need help with this please contact your Recruiter! It's so easy to follow the calendar daily for your virtual party tasks!

Step #1

As show in the new consulant Qucik Start Program. 

Here it is again for reference 

Party Templates for Facebook Parties

Party Templates Library (grab the latest one at the top)

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