After Party/Closing - everything after Wednesday

Important: Host Orders DO NOT get submitted until the consultant SUBMITS the party.   Consultants should review host orders and be sure the host is taking advantage of all rewards. 

Wednesday Day 6 - 6️⃣a Party Wrap Up - Group Host Coaching 

Good morning!]!

Thank you so much for hosting with me this week. To finish out your party strong, reach out to any friends/family that aren’t in your Facebook party (or those that need another reminder) that may want to order. Don't forget your personal page and/or Facebook stories if you haven't already done that!

It’s been a fun, fun week! I’m excited to see how your sales end & what host rewards you’ll have! Feel free to start working on your host order! Reach out with any questions as you have them!

For those of you that had a chance to do your PM’s, we got some orders last night. If you weren’t able to do those yesterday, please do them today because they really make a difference and I want your party to succeed!! Also, remember to personally thank everyone that places an order today! Tagging them in a post makes them feel extra special!

Here is one last post AND private message to send to your friends and family today! (I can always tell who does this because their party is boosted! 😊):

(Send a separate message…)

☞︎☞︎Hey Everyone, the FB portion of my Pampered Chef party is over, so if there's something you would like to order, please do by tomorrow at ⏰ℕ𝕆𝕆ℕ⏰ using my shopping link that’s located in the featured section. 🤗

I would really like to to hit my goal and every order is very appreciated! These products make ɢʀᴇᴀᴛ 🅶🅸🅵🆃🆂 for weddings, college students, birthdays or holidays!!

📌There’s a TON of great items for under $30!! Thank you all in advance❤️

The Personal Messages you send to your contacts to remind them about your party is what at the end gets most of your orders! People forget, people are busy and appreciate a reminder ❤ So if you haven't send any yet, now is the time!
Think how you feel about the parties you join. If your friend messages you and reminds you, you are probably more likely to place an order! 


🎉 I'm on a mission to help you hit that next reward level (or even your first one!). Share this in your party and on your FB timeline today. Let's rally some last-minute orders and get you stacking up those freebies! 🛍️ And hey, a little pro tip: personal reminders can work wonders. If you haven't sent them out yet, now's the time. Trust me, they make a world of difference!

🎉 Party's wrapped up, but guess what? I'm this close to hitting my goal, and Claudia's bringing in the Wacky Wednesday vibes! 🎉 Every order, whether it's big or just a lil' something, comes with a FREE gift! 🎁 Who's in for some last-minute shopping from my Pampered Chef Party? Just shoot our consultant a message with 'WACKY' by 9pm EST to grab your gift!

6️⃣b ✨❔❔❔❔Party Wrap Up - Individual Host Coaching 

Make sure to send the "I'm so close" message separately, in two different paragraphs. Include the photo at the end.

Hi HOST! Let’s give your party another boost today! Post the following words to your personal Facebook wall with the picture! Make sure to tag me in the post, and I’ll add your shopping link to the comments (or you can) also it helps if you tag all your friends (up to 50)! #teamwork


I am SO close to my goal with my Pampered Chef Party that closes soon! I only need to sell 8 of these fun Pampered Chef products to reach it!! Of course, ALL other PC PRODUCTS are available too (including all the NEW PRODUCTS) if you want to check out the catalog & see what else you might need! They are all $25 and under, do you need one in your life? Thanks in advance! 

ADD THIS IF THERE PARTY REACHED $200/ $300 ($25 Kit Credit) - $400+ $50 Kit credit) 

✨❔❔❔❔ You're in for some exciting news – you've just scored a kit credit! Bet you didn't know that you can knock off $25 or even $50 from a brand-new consultant starter kit. And guess what? That's a jaw-dropping 70% off on some of our absolute favorites. #justsomethingtothinkabout

I was wondering if I could tag you in a quick video so you can find out more about what it is that I do and how it can benefit you, would you have a few minutes to check it out? ❤️


If they say sure tag me:
Add them to Boost your Life:

Tag them in the featured video

Wednesday Consultant's To Do for Day 6- After Party

➡️ Change the name of the group: [Host Name]'s PC Party 🎉 EXTENDED till [day]😋 

➡️ Check into parties, do thank yous, continue Booking Messages and Follow ups until you got through all of them

➡️ Post Extended Reminder post 

6️⃣c Party Wrap Up - Change Group Cover Photo 

6️⃣d Party Wrap Up - Name's PC Party 🎉 EXTENDED  $200 from GOAL 😋

Change the Group Name because this triggers a notification to everyone in the party:

🎉 EXTENDED  $200 from GOAL 😋 Name's PC Party 

6️⃣e Party Wrap Up - Post Sales Ladder 

Post a sales update, each day of the party. We refer to these as "sales ladders"- showing how high up the ladder the host is from their rewards goal.

Change group name to "[NAME]'s Pampered Chef Party - 4 days left, $__ to goal!" to reflect how much time is left and how far from the hosts rewards goals

More information here including sales ladder images: 

6️⃣f Party Wrap Up - Post in Party

Did last week get too busy, and you forgot to order?  We’ve extended this party until [day] at midnight!  [host] is so close to her goal!  A little goes a long way! Together we can get this done! Will you be a party hero?

Here's the shopping link! [link]

Thursday Day 7 - 7️⃣a Final Group Host Coaching 

Group Host Coaching:

Hey fabulous hosts! Some of you guys are working on qualifying and are so close to the final goal!! Post this today to see if this will help you get there and tag at least 20 friends on your post!

Even if you did qualify, go ahead and post it and squeeze out a few more sales!

Send separately:

I am SO close to my goal with my Pampered Chef Party that closes tonight! Who wants to help me out and needs anything for their kitchen or maybe upcoming gifts? 

If you love deals they have a great discounted section as well.  

7️⃣b Individual Host Coaching

Message each host directly if you still need sales and the sales message you sent didn't get seen by many

Hey hey! The party is over but this one task when done by the host gets so many people to order because people just simply forget! Can you send this to all the people in the party personally today? It makes such a huge difference coming from the host of the party and will help you earn some more rewards!

People are just so busy and miss all the FB notifications and they will truly appreciate a personal reminder.

Send separately:

Hey friend thank you so much for joining my online Pampered Chef party! We are wrapping things up and I am so close to my goal! Were you planning on checking out the site? 

Friday Consultant's To Do for Day 7- After Party

➡️ Continue sending Everyone's a Winner Booking Message responses 

➡️  Add recruit leads to 3 way chat with your director and to Boost your Life group - . Keep track of your leads in a notebook and put a reminder to follow up within 24/48 hours

7️⃣c Party -Change Group Cover Photo 

7️⃣d Party -Change Group Name- Name's PC Party 🎉 

Change the Group Name because this triggers a notification to everyone in the party:

🎉 LAST CALL  $200 from GOAL 😋Name's PC Party 

7️⃣e Party - Post Sales Ladder

Post a sales update, each day of the party. We refer to these as "sales ladders"- showing how high up the ladder the host is from their rewards goal.

Change group name to "[NAME]'s Pampered Chef Party - 4 days left, $__ to goal!" to reflect how much time is left and how far from the hosts rewards goals

More information here including sales ladder images: 

Friday 8️⃣🟣❔❔❔❔❔Party Day 8 - Individual Host Message 

Send this to host that qualified! 

Happy Friday! 

Were you able to send those personal reminders out? They truly make a huge difference or do you need more time? 

Woohoo! You earned rewards!!! Here is how to place your order We need to close your party so please log into your host dashboard and place your order. 

When you log in, you will see My Rewards at the bottom right. I recommend using your free rewards first. Then use the monthly host special and half-price items based on what you're willing to spend. PC doesn’t allow you to stack the rewards on top of one another. Let me know if I can help. Happy shopping !!

If you are waiting on a few more people to order or want to grab some more sales go ahead and make that post I sent in the group chat.

P.S: 🟣❔❔❔❔❔Wow, your party totally rocked – hitting $200/$300/$400… is seriously amazing! I'm genuinely thrilled for you! 😄

Just a friendly reminder, as a consultant, you could have made $$$ (20% of total sales) from this party alone. We have consultants from all walks of life, different ages, and plenty of busy full-timers who love running these parties right from their phones to earn some extra bucks! And I will give you a little tip if you dont' think you can't do what I do. I have everything preposted automatically and can teach you how to do the same :-)

I'm so curious to see what rewards you'll be going for, and hey, that kit credit you earned – don't let that slip by! Can't wait to see your choices! 🌟

Send this to host that DIDN'T qualify! 

Happy Friday!

Were you able to send those personal reminders out? They truly make a huge difference.

Your party is currently at $$ and we need to get it to at least $200 to help you start earning rewards and discounts! Do you have a few minutes today to send those reminders, text close family and friends and/or do a last call FB shout out?  I would love to help you earn your discounts and freebies. 

I also have ONE more  post if you want to try that. If not just let me know and I will close your party without any rewards and we can always try again in a few months if you think that may be a better time. 

Thanks for partying with me, I appreciate your business. 

IF they say say, give them a previous challenge which they haven't used yet.  

9️⃣ Party Day 9 - Wrap Up VP Tasks

It's time to wrap up your parties and pick winners/add prizes and bookings. 

Check out the Post party Tab on the website for additional resources

Here is how to add gifts to your party for guests:

Change the Group Name to " CLOSED - Join my VIP Group" and Change the Cover Photo (see attachachment) 

Post this 

Thanks for partying with us this past week!

Please stay in touch and join my VIP group @everyone for special offers!

(insert VIP Group  link) 

🔟Party Day 10 🔴❔❔❔❔❔❔ 

IMPORTANT: Host Order DOES NOT automatically Submit, the host order will send when you submit the party! 

Send Individual Message to Host that Party DID NOT Qualify 

➡️ Make sure the host has placed their order. If they haven't already by the date you gave them, check in with them and see if they have any questions. If they have placed their order, check it to be sure they have used all their rewards. Send them a receipt and ask them to double-check the shipping address and the items.

Message to send on Facebook 

"I just emailed you the receipt of your host order. Can you double-check that the order and your shipping address is correct before I finalize your party?"


Watch this video on how to add bookings and close the host order ➡️

If the party reaches $200 in orders, then pick an MVP Winner. 

How to Pick MVP Winner

Congrats to our MVP Winner [@name]! You were our party rock star! YAY Thank you so much for helping [HOST] make this party a success!!!

If there were 10 questions on the Giveaway Post - give another prize away.

Yay! We reached 10 questions for the Ask me anything giveaway! Congrats to [name] for being our winner!" 

If the party does not reach $200, send this to the host:

(if you offer this, the 10% would come from your commission on their order)

I'm sorry your party did less than we were hoping for, I hope you still had fun with your friends and everyone got some new inspiration for their cooking.   I have two options for you we can close your party now and I'll give you unlimited 10% discount on anything you’d like as my thank you for being my host,  or we can keep the orders you have now and try again in 6 months and add them to what party to get you closer to bigger rewards.

➡️  When the host confirms that everything is correct on their receipt, and you've added all the future party info for your upcoming hosts, submit the party and send your host the "After the Party" text in the host coaching section of Party Information in Consultant's Corner. 

It calculates everything for you! 

Or send this pm to your host on FB Messager:

Thanks so much for hosting a Pampered Chef party with me! I had such a great time with you and your friends at your party. Orders are on their way.  Please let me know when your products have arrived.  I want to be sure everything is to your satisfaction.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.