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Quick Start Program

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If you do not have a Gmail account, please make one. It'll be much easier to read and use the training documents attached to the Quick Start process. 

For an overview of Pampered Chef and what it means to be a consultant - Check out the "Recipe for Success" PDF. You'll also receive a paper version of it in your consultant kit. 

So you're paid promptly...

Be sure to set up your direct deposit and OPA. (Must wait 24 hours after signing)

Click here for directions to set it up in Consultant's Corner. 

#1 Book Parties

Words to copy & post with your photo:

I am so excited I am launching my new Pampered Chef business! How many of you already own Pampered Chef, and what are your favorites? 

Hint: Anyone who answers is a great person to send the booking message to! 

Book your first parties 

🎬 Follow the New Consultant Booking Words for INSIDE and OUTSIDE of your Launch party 

Step #1: Post IN YOUR LAUNCH Party: 

5️⃣Party Day 5 - Giveaway day booking POST!

Post the giveaway wording and image into your launch on Party Day 5. This is a great post to get bookings from every party, that you will learn down the road for now lets start by doing this in your launch party

🎉🌟 Big thanks for making my launch party amazing! 🥳 But wait, there's more... the raffle drawing is here! 🎟️✨

💌 Please peek into your messages for the exciting details to find out if you're the lucky winner! 🏆📩 If we're not Facebook buddies yet, your "other messages" in Facebook Messenger might have a surprise waiting! 🕵️‍♂️🎁

I hope the party brought smiles and joy! 🎈🤗


Step #2: Message EVERYONE that joined the party 

🎁Congratulations! You're a winner in my launch party raffle drawing! 🏆🥳 Please message me back to confirm you've seen this exciting news, and I'll reveal your prize! 💌🎁 Big congrats!!! And don't worry, this is totally legit – it's really me (no scam) ! 😜✨ Thanks for being here for my business launch! 

Watch this video on how to organize your YES, NO & MAYBE answers from your booking messages.

Don't Forget:

Booking Objections - Click here

The way to find out if a person is a "No Never" answer or Just not right now" Is to respond to their booking objections, AKA why they don't feel like they can host a virtual party. If they are giving you a reason as to why they can't do a party (outside of mental health or a recent death) that means they are looking to you to come up with a solution for their objection. Generally, if you can validate and soothe their worry - you can get a yes. Click on the document above to see all the different objections and how to respond to them! 

Follow-Ups Messages:

When they say YES:

Thank you! This is so GREAT! I’ll set you up for my next round of shows starting on [Date] and get a Packet with this month's host rewards to you right away! How does that sound? I just need your information to get everything started! What is your current address, email, and cell?

If they don't respond, check in with them after 48 hours:

Hey friend, I just wanted to see if you saw this and if it's something you might be interested in or not?

How to create a party on Consultant's Corner 


Once you’ve booked your parties, contact your recruiter/director and send them the dates so they can guide you as you go through the next steps! 

#2 Party Set up

Here is a complete set up video beginning to end SET UP 

This part of the process is where you'll create the Facebook Group & sync the Facebook Group link to Consultant's Corner.

Step #1 - Create a group on Facebook

Add Name: 

🍹[host]’s Pampered Chef Facebook Party!🌞

Here are some other examples of emoji’s you can put to make the name stand out!   Try and put the same emoji in front of your parties for the week so you can find them quickly in your list of groups. 🍓 🌴 🕶️ 🌻 🏝️ 🌞 ☀️ 🥗 🍰🥂 🍷🍹🍳

SAMPLE Cover Photos

Add the About Section

Join us for recipes, fun games, giveaways, and retail therapy!

🛍️ Shop here: [link]

📅 Party Starts: Friday [date]

Add the Featured Post

Order here: [link]

Step #2 - Add Facebook Group Link to Consultant's Corner

#3 - Party Template

We use a posting company called PostmyParty to save time and make the posting process easier and more consistent.  If you prefer other options, check with your director. 

After you have parties booked, it's time to organize all the posts that will make your virtual party a party! We call this collection of posts- the Party Template. The instructions here are on how to set up the Party Template so it appears in your Facebook groups automatically. It's a lot easier than posting manually.

What is PostmyParty, and why do we use it? 

PostmyParty is a scheduler that makes running Virtual Parties easy! Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to schedule and automate your virtual parties with a few clicks of a mouse. It ensures that your Party Template ends up in the right place at the right time with minimal effort. 

Step #1 - Sign Up for Postmyparty

Click here to sign up ➡️

Go through the process of signing up. Through the link above you'll receive 30 days free. It's $9.95 a month after that. Make sure if you are unsure if PostmyParty will be the right fit for you to keep tabs on the date you signed up, so if you want to cancel it before your free trial is over - you can!

Step #2 - Connect PostmyParty to your Facebook Account

Now that you have a PostmyParty account, you'll need to connect your account to your Facebook. If they can't talk to each other, how will PostmyParty be able to schedule your party template on your behalf!?

Watch this video to see how ➡️

Here are the links to click on for your Party Template

Contact your Recruiter for the latest Template or find a variety of templates here

Step #4 - Make your party Template sound like you

Go through the Party Template and change up the words to sound more like you. If you need some guidance on how to do that check out this article: 

Step # 5 - Add a picture of you in the Template

1st day of party 2nd post - create a post with a selfie of you or your family. Tell your story, who you are, where you are from, why you joined pampered chef, and what your hobbies are. This way, you aren't just a faceless consultant. You're a relatable human - and the more the guests in the party relate to you, the more they want to work with you! 

Step #6- Schedule Party Template to the Facebook Group

Congrats, you set up your first parties!

Now, that you've finished this section reach out to your recruiter/director for the next important part of running a party: HOST COACHING!

Here is where to start: