Friday Party Day 1

👉 If you are doing more than 1 party, send the messages below in a group chat.   If you are sending individual messages, edit it as though you're talking to one person and always include the PARTY LINK/FB LINK to make it easier for the host to copy.  If in a group chat, send the fb group link individually (not in group chat) to all your hosts to make sure they have easy access to it. 

👉 Download the picture and send it along with the text below.  

👉 Important: When the text is GREEN below - that means to send the paragraph separately so they can easily copy and paste.

🥳 Who’s excited? It's Party Day?!

🥳 Posting will start on your party today. Remember to follow my daily tips and give me a 👍 once you’ve completed the task. These are proven tips for a successful party. 

Pay close attention to how LITTLE I do while running your parties. Imagine earning commission and free products while doing this from your couch. Plus, you may earn a bonus kit credit to sign up on my team! I never know who is looking for some extra income, so If you have any questions – I am here! 

Here are your 3 Simple Tasks today: 

👉 Task #1 -Post in Party - Introduce yourself in the party, thank everyone who joined, and share about your favorite product or one you have on your wishlist. Remember, posts by you get seen by your friends more than my posts! 

👉 Task #2 -Check-in Party - Your biggest task is to keep building interaction & fun for your guests! Interact with your guests, comment on posts & ask questions daily! And don't forget to keep inviting! 

👉 Task #3 -Post on FB WALL (not in your party/group), letting everyone know you’re having a pampered chef party. 

Here's the words to post on your FB WALL:

Hey Friends!! Don’t forget to join my FB Pampered Chef party TODAY!!. There will be prizes and giveaways. It’s all online and will be a lot of fun! Here is the link to browse the catalog or join the party:  [insert Party LINK]

Friday Consultant's To Do for Day 1

➡️ After you've sent the host coaching, check into your parties. Comment on the posts, and answer questions like you are a guest. It shows the host that you are active and present, and they will follow your example. If the host is not engaging in the party, tag them in the post's comments and ask a question. Example: @[host's Facebook name] - what do you think of x?" 

➡️ Change name of the Group - [Host Name]'s PC Party  🎉PARTY IS NOW OPEN 🟢

➡️ Welcome & Tag all guests with the Welcome Post.  Go to the "members' section of the group, On the right-hand side, a section will let you create a post with all the new members tagged. Click on it and then copy/paste this text on top, replacing the 'let's welcome our new members' text. Then "Post" 

Note: You can only do the "welcome post" through a desktop or the Android app. If you don't have a computer and only an iPhone or IPad, use your phone browser to sign into Facebook.

Video Walkthrough of Party Day 1

Words for Welcome Post:

YAY! The party has officially started. Don't forget to place your order early. 

Here's the shopping link: [shopping link] 

3 MVP TICKETS - Drop a dancing GIF if you're ready to party!!!! 🎉🪩🕺

Words to use if you are doing an early bird giveaway:

YAY! Party has started, woohoo! Don't forget that when we reach $200 in sales before midnight tonight - everyone who has ordered will be entered into my early bird drawing: [shopping link]

Drop a gif if you're ready to party

How to create Welcome Post on computer:

Saturday Party Day 2

👉 Download the picture and send it first. 

👉Then send the text below (remember to edit if sending to an individual host)

👉 Make sure to send the GREEN message separately from the rest of the text.

🥳Good Morning, my wonderful hosts! 

Here are your tasks for today! My tasks may seem silly, but I’ve found that when done, they help the party's success, and I want to see you succeed and earn lots of goodies!! 

Just a reminder to send me a 👍 when you complete your tasks every day! 

😊Continue to invite guests until we have 50 members each, and don't forget to check into the party at least once a day to engage with your friends! 

👉Task #1 -Post in Party - It's SHOW ME/SELFIE DAY🤳! Take out any PC that you love and post pictures about them in your party. Unique pictures from your kitchen with you or a family member will make it even more fun. And for extra credit😃, feel free to go LIVE 📽or do a short video or reel. 

If you don't have PC yet or don't have time to do a picture, ask your friends to help. 

Post this: 

Hey Friends, [consultant] is giving away 45 bonus tickets towards the party prize when you post a picture 🤳 of your favorite Pampered Chef Products! Show me your PC stash!

Saturday Consultant's To Do for Day 2

➡️ After you've sent the host coaching, check into your parties. Comment on the posts, and answer questions like you are a guest. It shows the host that you are active and present, and they will follow your example. If the host is not engaging in the party, tag them in the post's comments and re-ask the question. 

Example: @[host's Facebook name] - what do you think of x"

➡️ Changed the name of the group: [Host Name]'s PC Party 🎉 3 days left 😋

➡️ Do Thank you - Check if there are any orders in the party. If there are, post a thank you in the group by tagging the person that ordered! 

"Thank you, [name], for your order! You're going to love [product a] and [product b]!"

Sunday Party Day 3

👉  Download the picture and send it first.

👉 Then send the text below either in the group chat or individual host chat. If it's to an individual message, edit it as though you're talking to one person.

It's Hump Day🐪 - We are halfway thru your party posts!!! Continue being super engaged. Your guests are more likely to participate when you are an active host! It makes it more fun and successful! 

🥳 I'll be doing random giveaways over the next few days thru Messenger in case your friends ask about it.  Also, just wanted to let you know that you could do what I do too!  It doesn't take much time because I use a posting company for my virtual parties. pretty cool, huh?  

👉 Task #2 -Don’t forget to post Thank You’s for anyone that has ordered. 

👉 Task #3 -Have you taken the Text Challenge!? My most successful hosts collect at least 5 outside orders, and these orders can take your party to the next level. I sent each of you a private message a few days ago that included your shopping link. You can use that message or you can use the message below. Can you send a text to another 10 friends or family who are NOT in your FB party? 

Here's the message you can use: 

Hey! I hope you are doing well. Have you ever heard of Pampered Chef? Well, I’m doing an online party, and I thought you may be interested in taking a look. My consultant has challenged me to get 5 orders. I hope you will consider helping me out! Would you like the link? 

💡 P.S: I wanted to let you know YOU could do what I do too! It doesn’t take much time because I use a posting company so I am actually not on here 24/7. Pretty cool huh? 

Send to host individually if their party has high engagement: 

Wow, your party is rocking!! Lol looks like your friends love YOU and Pampered Chef!! You're going to have an amazing party! Have you given any more thought to try this yourself? Looks like you would have a good support system :)

Sunday Consultant's To Do for Day 3

➡️ Changed the name of the group: [Host Name]'s PC Party 🎉2 days left 😋

➡️  Check into your parties. Comment on the posts, and answer questions.

➡️  Do Thank yous 

➡️ Post the text below in the party group. Tag the host by using the @ symbol next to their name. They are tagged to the post when their name is highlighted in blue. Download the giveaway picture and post it to the party with the words. 

➡️  The "Upgrade winner/Everyone is a winner" message is for booking new parties. Start sending it to everyone who is a member of the party group.  Consider using Text Replacement or Text Blaze to save time sending these winner/upgrade messages.

➡️  Send a friend request to everyone before you send this message too so they are more likely to see it and you grow your network. But regardless of if they accept it or not you still send it. 


Watch the DMO training below and during the last 30 minutes of any DMO’s, you will see the visual for this process. 

This is the #️⃣1 way to book parties! Do not skip this step and follow all the way through to always have a full calendar and get bookings from parties

DMO’s TRAINING (Daily Method of Operations)

DMO - Training Videos 

Words to Post in Party:

🎉🌟 Big thanks for making HOSTS's party amazing! 🥳 But wait, there's more... the raffle drawing is here! 🎟️✨

💌 Please peek into your messages for the exciting details to find out if you're the lucky winner! 🏆📩 If we're not Facebook buddies yet, your "other messages" in Facebook Messenger might have a surprise waiting! 🕵️‍♂️🎁

I hope the party brought smiles and joy! 🎈🤗

Surprise Message to send to EVERY member in the group: 

🎁Congratulations! You're a winner in the HOST's party raffle drawing! 🏆🥳 Please message me back to confirm you've seen this exciting news, and I'll reveal your prize! 💌🎁 Big congrats!!! And don't worry, this is totally legit – it's really me (no scam) ! 😜✨  

Follow Up if they don't respond

👋 Hey just wanted to see if you saw this? 

Message to send to a guest when you get any response:

🥳 Woo hoo !!! I usually give an ecookbook as a prize, we have a new Budget Friendly ecookbook that is awesome!  However, I would love to upgrade yours.  [host] is just 2 friends away from an awesome bonus from Pampered Chef… so to help her get there, I’m offering the winners from her party (that means you!) a new Fall product when you host a qualifying virtual party. I create the party & do all the postings, you just invite your friends & enjoy the rewards! I'll share tons of Fall/Winter  recipes with your guests as well as games and giveaways! Are you open to getting on my {current month} schedule or would {next month} be better? 

If they DO NOT respond in 24 hours - FOLLOW UP with ALL WOHOOS

💚 Hey Hey!  What do you think??? All good either way!!  I would just really like to help her get all her booking bonuses and help you get your credit too. 

If they  say NO THANK YOU

💛 No worries, is it just not a good time or generally not interested? I can give Her credit for up to 6 months from now if you’d rather wait a few months? Would {next month} or {the following} be better?

If they  say they are not interested AT THIS TIME

⏲️No worries!  Totally doesn't have to be right now. When is a better time for you? {next month} or {or the next 2 months} ?  I can definitely work with your schedule!  Remember it is virtual and only takes a few minutes a day! 

I just want to make sure you I can apply the credit for both of you even if its further out. 

Check out the new Budget Friendly Recipes! The Carnitas are featured on pages 2 of the ECookbook!  Do you make Mexican Meals at your house? If so, what are some favorites?  ( I also am excited to make the Pizza Grilled Cheese on pages 9) 

Ecookbook link~ 

THIRD Follow Up

🧡 Just circling back to this as I wrap up this party, would you like the upgrade gift?

4th and FINAL Follow Up

❤️ I’m not a stalker really, 😂, but I am serious about helping others find solutions and haven’t heard back from you so I wanted to pop in again. 

I never want to annoy anyone so if you aren’t interested or just need to party further down the road, you can totally let me know. 🥰 A response vs silence is always super cool with me.

Message to send to a guest when they say YES to a party:

🔥YAY, [host] is going to be so excited.  We are going to have so much fun pampering you.   Can you send me your email, cell, and shipping address so I can give [host] credit and have all the info to get your party setup.  Thanks :)

Message to send if they say NO NEVER - include the shopping link to bring in more orders.

(other cookbook options )

Thank you for getting back to me. If you do decide you would like to get free and discounted products, please let me know I would love to pamper you! Here is your free gift! I hope you love it!

Also here is her shopping link to check it out. She is really close to her goal! If you have any questions, please let me know 🙂   [shopping link]

Monday Party Day 4

👉  Download the "today's Tasks" picture and send it first. 

👉  Then send the text below either in the group chat or individual host chat. If it's to an individual message, edit it as though you're talking to one person. 

👉 Make sure to send GREEN message separately from their instructions. Then, download the instructional graphics and send those underneath. 

⏲️ 48-HOUR countdown⏲️!! I can’t believe our party is almost over. 

Remember to give me a 👍 once you’ve completed the tasks 

👉  Task #1 -For Participation - Post a fun question in the Party (are you a jelly or jam person? or make up your own🤔😆)

 👉 Task #2 -This is the MOST IMPORTANT and will make a HUGE IMPACT on your SALES and your HOST REWARDS. 

Individually PM the following reminder to your friends who have yet to order. The image below will show you how.

Hi! Thank you so much for joining my party. I hope you had fun. My Pampered Chef Party is ending tomorrow at Midnight. I am close to my goal, and I’d love for you to be included in the Prize Drawing. Is there something that interests you?

Here are instructions on how to do it: 

Monday Consultant's To Do for Day 4

➡️ Changed the name of the group: [Host Name]'s PC Party 🎉1 day left 😋

➡️  Check into your parties. Comment on the posts, answer questions, and do thank you

➡️  Keep sending out "Upgrade Winner Messages" and responding to their responses. 

➡️  Post a Reminder for Ordering (aka Poll Post) 

➡️ Send out Rockstar Messages to the top people who have been participating in the party. 

Post this in the party: 

YAY! The party is almost over. Thank you to everyone who has already placed their order. [@host] is super close to her goal. 

Who can help her out? [shopping link] 

I want to do a quick party check-in - Which # matches where you are at? 

Rockstar Messages

Send this message to anyone that has commented on posts and has been super engaged. 

Hey [NAME], I just want to pop in and say I love having you in [host]’s party. It has been so much fun! You are what I like to call a party rockstar with your participation! I know this is out of the blue, but have you ever considered being a virtual online Pampered Chef consultant?  I would love to have someone as excited as you on our team! Are you in the market for some extra income or free products?

➡️  If they say yes, send a screenshot to your director for additional tips on answering their questions

➡️ If they say NO (and many will), send them this message and tell them you are happy they are joining you this week:

No worries, I appreciate your honesty! It's so great having you in the party!

Tuesday Party Day 5

➡️  Download the picture and send it first. 

➡️  Then send the text below either in the group chat or individual host chat. If it's to an individual message edit it as though you're talking to one person. 

Hello, my wonderful hosts!! Today is the last day for the party, but we will accept late orders for the next [xx] days, and then YOU can start shopping!😊 

👉 TASK #1 -If you weren’t able to do your personal reminders yesterday, please do them today because they really make a difference and I want your party to succeed!! 

👉 TASK #2 -Don’t forget to follow up with and collect those outside orders 

👉 TASK #3 -Post the following wording in your FB Party to remind your guests that your party is ending today and share about your hosting experience in your party. Make it fun by adding a GIF!! Post a 👍 so I know you got this!

Hey Everyone, My Pampered Chef party ends today! If there's something you would like to order, please do so by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT from my personal show site. No pressure. I just wanted to remind everyone. I’m close to reaching my goal! I also want to tell you about my hosting experience!! [CONSULTANT NAME] walked me through everything and made it so simple! She makes it super FUN and EASY, and all I had to do was to invite my friends and follow her tips! I was able to reconnect with so many of you I don’t normally see daily, AND I didn’t have to clean my house!! Do you have a big Wishlist? Contact [CONSULTANT NAME] before my party closes to schedule a virtual party, fundraiser, or bridal registry, and I will get BONUS REWARDS!!

➡️  Check into parties and do Thank yous

➡️ change group name - [Host Name]'s PC Party 🎉LAST DAY 😋

➡️  Keep sending out "Upgrade Winner Messages" and responding to their responses and sending out follow-ups if you haven't finished doing that yet.

When Show Qualifies ($200)

Send this to Host:

Woohoo, your show is qualified!!! Which means you have a kit credit. Did you know you can save $25 on a new consultant starter kit? (70% off on our most popular products) #justsomethingtothinkabout - Check them out here…